Miracle Max Club

Creating life-long connections for Mater little miracles

What is the Miracle Max Club?

Launched at Mater in March 2017 as an initiative of Mater Foundation, the club creates a life-long connection for families and new mothers who deliver their baby in Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane or have their baby cared for in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit; those who are born prematurely or are seriously ill at birth.

That's more than 3500 births a year and an additional 2000 babies who are cared for in critical care. 

The face of the club is Miracle Max—a plush dog—who arrived at Mater in 2004 and is a friend to all babies born and cared for at Mater. Miracle Max visits our Neonatal Critical Care Unit and Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane each week to meet new parents and their new Mater little miracles, and to hold ‘Story Time’; reading stories to any siblings visiting the hospital. 

When Miracle Max walks through the door, you can see the faces of parents and older siblings light up. Some of these families, especially those with babies being cared for in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit, will visit daily for many months and with a single wave of his hand or a quick cuddle, Miracle Max makes them smile—this can make a huge difference to their day.

Each baby that joins the club receives their own free, special edition, Miracle Max plush toy as a keepsake of their time at Mater.

In its first year, the Miracle Max Club has welcomed more than 1000 families—that's more than 1000 Mater little miracles who will have a life-long friend in Miracle Max!




How do I join my baby in the club?

If your Mater little miracle has recently been delivered at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane you will find a Miracle Max Club card in your keepsake box

If your baby is being, or has recently been, cared for in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit, you will find a Miracle Max Club card on your baby's bedside table. Alternatively, please ask the nurse's station and they will offer you a card. Please complete this and either collect your plush toy during your hospital stay, or send it to us in the post and we'll send a plush toy out to your home.

At this time, the Miracle Max Club is only being offered to babies born at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, or cared for in our Neonatal Critical Care Unit, since March 2017. All babies born at Mater however are ‘Mater little miracles’ and we’d love for you to keep in touch with us—you can follow us on our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on latest news.


What happens once I've taken my baby home?

Once you and your Mater little miracle have left Mater Mothers' Hospitals and settled in at home, you will receive an email from Miracle Max over time, offering an opportunity for your family to send a message of thanks to your baby's nurses and doctors—and will also receive occasional updates on latest news from Miracle Max himself.


Contact us

For more information on the Miracle Max Club please contact mymaterlittlemiracle@mater.org.au