Meet our Mater little miracles

Making little miracles happen for Queensland babies

One in seven Queenslanders are born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals—making Mater Australia's largest maternity service. 

These babies are affectionately known as 'Mater little miracles' and the care these little babies receive from us extends from pregnancy, to birth and infancy.

When you support Mater Little Miracles you’re helping give Queensland’s tiniest and most vulnerable patients the best possible start to life. How special is that?

We know just how important it is for you to see how your donations are making a difference, which is why we regularly share stories about our Mater Little Miracles, the specialist equipment you've helped fund and the promising medical research that’s underway on our website, regular email communication and through our Facebook page

Here are some stories of the impact you can make on the lives of Mater little miracles:

I don’t think I really let myself believe Essie was going to come home until we walked through the doors of our house.

Elke, Essie's mother