Big W staff rally together for Mater Little Miracles

To get babies like Hank home sooner

Hank-Death-2-1.jpgBig W stores are rallying together for another year in support of Mater Little Miracles. 

15 March will see 54 stores across Queensland and Northern New South Wales kick off their month-long token campaign raising much needed funds through the sale of $2 tokens. 

Big W have shown their commitment to helping sick and premature babies since 2012, having raised more than $560 000 in that time. 

Babies like Hank, who spent 27 days in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit after suffering a massive stroke immediately after birth which left him with a quarter of his brain filled with blood and clots. Hank was having multiple seizures and couldn’t breathe, so the doctors placed him on life support. 

Within hours, he was in a transport life support capsule and on his way from Rockhampton to Mater Mothers' Hospitals in Brisbane.

Hank1.jpgBecause of how critically ill Hank was, his parents Cass and Aaron, could not travel with their baby boy. They had to make the gruelling 700 km drive down to Brisbane from Rockhampton while Hank flew above them, not knowing if he would even survive the flight. 

Cass said "It wasn’t nice to see him hooked up to a wall full of machines and cords keeping him alive. Hank was relying on life support and anti-seizure medication; he was laying there lifeless. One of the hardest waits was the three days it took for test results to confirm that Hank had suffered a stroke just hours after birth. The medical team at Brisbane were incredible and if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn't have Hank in our lives today.” 

We want to thank Big W staff and customers for their ongoing support; we can’t wait to see what they achieve this year.