Teddy's story

Teddy is Prep ready

Teddy simply can’t wait to start his first year of school.  So much so, he frequently tries on his uniform excited to be starting Preparatory this week.

Teddy has everything a ‘Preppy’ needs for their first day of school; his uniform, new school bag, books and his very own personalised lunchbox.

“He’s so excited to go to school.  Teddy has tried his school uniform on so much I think he’ll wear it out,” his mum Rachael said. 

Teddy has always been an eager boy, arriving into the world seven weeks early at Mater Mother’s Private Hospital in 2013. 

Rachael’s pregnancy was progressing well up until 33 weeks when she went for a routine scan and it showed that there was reverse blood flow in the placenta.

“My obstetrician said I would need to deliver the baby within a couple of days. I was admitted and given steroids to assist Teddy’s lungs when he was born.

“Being our first baby it was all a bit of a shock, however I knew we were in great hands.  

“Straight away we were supported by Mater’s wonderful staff and we were taken to the Neonatal Critical Care Unit and told what we could expect.”

Born on 21 March 2013 weighing just over 2 kg, Teddy was taken to the Neonatal Critical Care Unit where he was put on oxygen to assist his breathing.

“Teddy surprised all of the staff and he even broke his paediatrician’s record, being moved from intensive care to special care within 24 hours,” Rachael said.

Teddy never took a step backwards and 14 days later it was time for him to go home. 

Now, turning five years old, Teddy is a very social and outgoing boy.

“He has a quirky personality and he’s very inquisitive, always asking ‘why?’.

“Teddy’s a keen swimmer, loves trucks and dinosaurs and he is obsessed with the Titantic.”

As Teddy walks into his classroom on day one of the school year, Rachael expects he won’t shed a tear.

“I think it’s going to be me who will be the emotional one,” she said. 

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